Our wheel supplier, featured briefly in the trailer of our Mellow story film "Execution of a Dream", continues to fill our stocks with customized front and drive wheels in a particular shade of Mellow. They are also having a bit of fun working on a joint side project: developing the future off-road wheels

The Great Big Green Angry Monster is just one version of a series of prototypes testing feasibility of different shapes, sizes, compounds and densities for use on non-paved surfaces. The objective of such wheels is to give increased traction to the Drive, particularly the four motor 4x4 configuration, and to give Mellow riders access to range to areas where city infrastructure has been worn, degraded or just can't reach. Areas where road and traffic laws usually don't apply.

The pleasant roadkill green is due simply to the surplus urethane used and has a 99.9% chance of not being used in the final version.  

Our future off-road wheel will be adapted to Drive dimensions and firmware and thus will be larger and potentially faster than present wheels...most likely 90 mm and above. This would mean at least 20 mm total wheel thickness between the in-wheel motor and the dirt. Since both Drive firmware and app must be adjusted to assure best power, traction and range calculation, we are unable to provide a date for availability at this time.

Stay tuned to this blog for more developments and possible tests in other gut-wrenching colors.

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