It's just a rich kid's toy, right? After all, what use could anyone get out of a long-distance, lightweight, stash-anywhere, super-fast way to zap around a city faster than you can change channels on that flatscreen TV you've been Netflixing in front of for the last 48 binge-filled hours? C'mon, who's never wanted to teleport? Who's never wanted to surf? 

This list was originally planned for a short easy-to-read "Top 10" but we couldn't help ourselves. Add to the list by writing to press@mellowboards.com or joining this Reddit thread.

1.  Clear your head 

2.  Cancel your bus pass 

3.  Get in a few slopes/waves before and after work 

4.  Stop looking for parking spaces 

5.  Pay $0.00 to "fill your tank" 

6.  Collect Halloween candy in other neighborhoods too 

7.  Make a cool Halloween costume 

8.  Retire your car 

9.  Carry your ride wherever your go 

10. Have your school sponsor your DIY build project 

11. Be the fastest family on the block 

12. Learn to skate  

13. Learn to snowboard  

14. Trade in your hoverboard  

15. Play real life Mario Kart  

16. Take a city tour of your own city  

17. Let heavy objects carry themselves 

18. Milk run 

19. Have a mini emergency vehicle with you 

20. Learn to bomb downhill 

21. Be the coolest dad/mom on the block  

22. Don't sweat 

23. Take up less space on bus than a bike 

24. Take part in group rides 

25. Make "door-to-door" trip times literal 

26. Start an electric delivery company  

27. Fly uphill without trying  

28. Beat heatwaves 

29. Beat fuel shortages 

30. Be independent of Big Oil 

31. Invent a new sport  

32. Hold hands with your partner at high speed 

33. Enhance your neighborhood watch 

34. Escape hip/knee/ankle pain 

35. Enhance your filmmaking  

36. Get that thing you forgot at the grocery 

37. Park far away and not care 

38. Skate in dress shoes 

39. Make that stroller run more fun for both 

40. Pollute less 

41. Teach your wife to skate 

42. Teach your husband to skate  

43. Rehabilitate your old skateboard 

44. Discover foreign cities without renting a car 

45. Pick your kids up in school without waiting in that dumb line (you'll need 2 e-skates)  

46. Save on car insurance and maintenance  

47. Park your ride under your desk  

48. Continue snowboard/surf season all year round  

49. Check it in at the coat stand  

50. Keep your bike from getting stolen 

51. Keep adrenaline in your daily diet 

52. As a medical mobility device 

53. Explore backcountry trails with all-terrain model 

54. Zip around campus more quickly 

55. Deliver newspapers 

56. Eat at home for lunch  

57. Never wait for late buses again 

  58. Reduce walking commutes to a fraction of time  

59. Tell mom she doesn't have to pick you up at school  

60. Use as conversation starter because you know your pick-up game is weak 

61. Never pay an extra $5 for UberEATS to deliver food again 

62. Enjoy freedom of movement where driving is prohibited 

63. Make Segway policing cool again (cops on e-skates...awesome or frightening?) 

64. Stop risky skitching 

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