A ditch is a channel that carries or directs water to flow through. It’s a place where things are ditched or left to abandon. But oddly in board sports history it seems to be the most fertile place for things to begin. Mellow Boards explores ways to ride their electric skateboard like never before.

Freestyle skateboarding started on dry California summers of the 70’s where drought left the ditches dry allowing early skateboarders to discover new ways to ride. In snowboarding, Terry Kidwell and the Sims gang did the first freestyle moves in a ditch in the abandoned Tahoe City trash dump. Ditches are what eventually led to the halfpipe in skate and snowboarding.
This past weekend the Mellow team headed for a ditch with the BBQ to celebrate after the team meeting that set the end of our Kickstarter fulfillment and the beginning of pre-order deliveries of our electric skateboards made in Germany.

We had attempted sections of the spot in the past, but this time the ditch was dry enough to ride the whole zone. There is a metal sheet that serves as a bridge over the center stream that never really dries up due to the systematic water evacuation. Your board eventually gets wet but that is of little worry to the water-resistant (IP65) Mellow. Suddenly, we were seeing lines that had only been joked about during our last visits. The massive ditch was our playground to do the impossible!

We cleaned up all the decks back at headquarters with that feeling of a first descent or discovering a new surf spot. This was the beginning of something awesome…we can’t wait to go back for new lines.