We have visited the ditch before. Last year we published images from a session with the Mellow staff that ended with a broken thumb. This time we return with some young rippers that truly live to ride and rode the Mellow in a way that only they could from all their experience with downhill longboarding. The crew consisted of the Gubbel bros Philipp Marx and Moritz Schallenberg and two Hamburg locals from Studio Longboard shop Erik Hilken and Alex Stamp. It took a little time to adapt to the mega transition walls but once everyone got warmed up and used to having lighting in their wheels the session was on. Each rider displayed creative original riding styles and approaches to this amazing dirty ditch with endless weaving lines and laps while trains rolled above our heads.

  • Filming by Themistocles Lambridis
  • Photos & text by Alexis de Tarade
  • Graphics by Lennart Spitzer
  • Music by The Munsens
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