The Battery Pack

  • The click-in mechanism allows you to swap your Battery Pack in just seconds.

  • One load will carry you up to 9 miles or charge your iPhone up to 9 times.

  • For the Battery Pack we only used top quality cells from the Tesla supplier.

Energetic, all around

You can swap the mellow battery it in an instant, use it as a powerbank and even take it with you on an airplane – just to name a few talents of this energetic all-rounder.

Control your range

With a range of 7-9 miles per battery pack, one mellow battery covers most eco mode trips in the city. The Mellow App also helps you to optimize your range based on riding mode and get you smoothly from A to B. Need to extend your range? Bring and extra pack and double your range on the go.

The Perfect Travel Mates

Certified for air travel. With a 99 Wh battery pack with UN transport certificate - the mellow battery pack can be carried as hand-luggage on commercial airlines. Simply check your drive and carry on your batteries and you can ride your Mellow anywhere your heart desires.

Charge on the go

You can charge the Battery Pack inside or outside the Mellow Drive. The quality cells inside will last for over 1000 full charge cycles. Just make sure to never deep discharge them. Thanks to its voltage and the adapter included it is also compatible for worldwide use.

One Button Control

High-tech can work as easy as 1, 2, 3. The prominent On/Off button also has an LED ring that displays the state of charge and various warning signals.

Information at a glance

The LED ring around the On/Off button functions as an interface that communicates at a glance all important information to the rider.


The lower your state of charge the more segments on the display will fade out.


A green pulsing ring signals that a process like your firmeware update or else is still in progress.


A green circling ring signals that the drive is searching for a remote to pair.


A flashing or permanent ring in yellow or red are alarm signals that an error occurred.

1-Year Battery Warranty

There are batteries, and then there are better batteries. With its high quality cells from the Tesla supplier and an integrated battery management system to protect them, the Mellow Battery Pack offers power to rely on.

Its more than a battery, its a powerbank

The Battery Pack not only powers your ride. It keeps all your devices alive.

Charge your phone, speakers, and more - right from the mellow Battery Pack

Built to Last

We used the same materials used for building power tools to make the battery super robust. Special sealings ensure for extralongevity and make the pack water & dustproof (IP65).

Safety First, World Class Fire Safety

Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density than dynamite. That’s why safety is our biggest topic here. The built in battery management system protects against.

The best connection

The Rosenberger plug connects the Battery Pack to the Mellow Drive. It is magnetic, which makes it supereasy to connect and seals the system against intrusion of water.