The Frame

  • For maximum stability the frame was designed as a unibody frame without any seams or bolts.

  • The frame is made out of solid magnesium, extremely strong, affordable and can easily be recycled.

  • Like a grill these ribs function as a heat sink during long rides and intense braking manoeuvers.

About the Mellow Drive Frame

Cast out of solid magnesium, it houses and protects the intelligence of the Mellow Drive beautifully.

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Fits any boardshape

The Mellow frame has the same standard 6 hole pattern like a normal skateboard truck. This means you can mount it under pretty much any deck you like. All you need is a minimum gap between the two trucks of XXcm (XX inches). For a quick fitting just print out the original size Mellow stencil to put on your board.

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Seamless Unibody

A solid one piece frame ensures there are no predetermined braking points on the Mellow Drive. Not only is a unibody the best engineering outcome - it also creates a beautifully seamless aesthetic that unites the battery pack, motors, and wheels.

Keep it cool

When riding at high speeds or braking, thermal energy occurs. This can be a safety hazard to your Drive and thus to you as a rider. To avoid critical situations, the temperature inside the Mellow Drive is constantly monitored at 6 different measuring points.

The distinctive ribs of the frame allow the heat to dissipate over a bigger surface which cools the system. A second braking resistor underneath the surface also absorbs heat to improve the performance. The longer your system stays cool, the longer you can brake.

Why Magnesium?

We chose magnesium for our frame for a lot of reasons; it's light, strong, and can be recycled at the end of it's life.

The brain

The solid metal frame not only forms the backbone of the Mellow Drive, it also houses the brain of this beauty – the motherboard.

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Low maintenance

Apart from the longevity of the materials used for the Mellow Drive it’s the intelligence of the electronics that define the quality of this riding machine. So we teamed up with TQ Systems, an Airbus supplier to create a top notch product. We used only high quality components like the motor controllers from Texas Instruments and implemented a logic that allows the system to monitor and protect itself.

Over the air updates

Via the Mellow App you can also update the firmware which means your Mellow Drive will always be state of the art.

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The Mellow Truck

This is where the frame and the motors connect. The width of the hanger matches those of a standard 180mm skateboard truck.


The Mellow truck is made of forged aluminium, an extremely solid and resiliant material. It is supported by a stainless steel axis that runs right through it and carries the motors.


With a baseplate angle of 45° the Mellow truck is designed for a stable riding performance even at high speeds.


To protect the cables that connect the motors with the electronics, they run like blue veins embedded into the truck.