The Mellow Drive

  • Accelerate from zero to hero with maximum power

  • The Drive is so compact, you can not only mount it on any deck, you can also take it anywhere you like

  • Dual braking is just one of many special safety features of the Mellow Drive

The Next Level of Electric Skateboarding

The Mellow Drive combines boardsports characteristics with german engineering at the highest level. Making electric skateboarding more fun and more safe at the same time.

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Electrify any Skateboard

Like a normal skateboard truck, the Mellow Drive can be mounted to any skateboard or longboard. This gives you the freedom to choose your favorite deck and convert it into a full on electric riding machine. With its compact size it also qualifies as a perfect travel mate.

Smooth Power

The Mellow Drive is driven by two powerful in-wheel. Our motors can smoothly accelerate you to top speeds of up to 25mph.

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Add some surf to your commute

The Mellow Drive lets you to turn the stress of commuting into an easy surf through the city. Plan your trip with the Mellow App which displays your range depending on your riding mode and state of charge.


    The Mellow Drive is engineered, designed and built in Germany

  • Water and Dustproof

    To make sure you can use the Mellow Drive everyday it is 100% sealed against intrusion of dust and water.

Double Your Braking Power

We want you to enjoy your adrenaline rush carefree. That's why, when you slide back the Mellow Remote not one but two breaking systems bring the Mellow Drive to a stop. It's a small detail, but also the most important.

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Extend Your Range

An easy click-in mechanism allows you to swap your Battery Pack and multiply your range endlessly. It's tool free and all it takes is two clicks and a couple of seconds.

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Built For Electric Skateboarding

Custom-made for tough riding conditions. Higher speeds, longer rides, more impacts – building a durable electric drive meant recalculating the physics of a normal skateboard to be prepared for the extra stress.

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One size fits all

The Mellow Drive was designed to match with as many boards as possible. To make sure it's also your size just make use of the printable Mellow Stencil.

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