Electric Skateboarder with Helmet

Skateboarding Made Easy.

The Mellow Drive creates the ultimate electric skateboard. It's also the easiest way to learn to ride. Take yourself from Rookie to Pro in no time.

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One push gets you going.

Your throttle engages once your wheels are in motion. This prevents the "runaway board" and inefficient power consumption. Give your board one push, slide the remote forward and your off!

Slide forward to go faster.

Once your moving, plant your pushing foot back on the board. Lean forward and slide the remote forward to accelerate.

Slide remote to center to coast.

Coasting on the Mellow drive is a blast. Our in-wheel motors are nearly resistance free, giving you the smooth natural feeling of skateboarding.

Slide remote back to slow down.

The mellow drive has two independent breaking systems. Regenerative breaks that recharge the battery, and a resistor break for added stopping power and safety. To slow down simply lean back on your board and slide the remote backward in your hand. Remember, never ride faster than you can safely fall - and always wear a helmet!

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