Buddy Buddy x Mellow Surfer Deck

The simple shape that everyone loves that is great for cruising, dancing or carving. Light and well designed, it's the perfect setup for carving and electric skateboard commuting. The massive cut-outs allow for deep surfy carves and fun commuting. The platform is large enough for dancing around, as well as freeriding, but it is all kept simple in order to focus on the joy of surfing sidewalks. Handmade in Germany! 

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In the Box

Product Details


Length: 99.00 cm / 39.00 inches

Width: 23.11 cm / 9.10 inches

Wheelbase: 84.00 cm / 33.07 inches


AnchorCore Technology® binding top and bottom layers Enhanced dynamics, stiffness and vibrational damping Comfort-fit W concave for maximal shoe to grip tape contact Integrated nose and tail guards Recycled materials and green products Non-stop single piece wood core

What's in the Box?

Deck with Grip Tape Applied

Deck Sleeve