Mellow x DB Crossbow Complete

The 40" DB Coreflex Crossbow deck is a smooth riding, carving machine. It's long wheelbase is stable while it's flexible deck offers vibration reduction and a lively ride. This is a great setup for long rides and fluid turns. This deck is a 'flex 3' which is our stiffest flex, perfect for anyone over 150lbs.
On Sale!$1,695.95

In the Box

Product Specs


Made In Germany

8.6lbs including battery pack

14" x 7" x 2.5"


Torque 3 Nm each

Topspeed 40 km/h

Maximum Grade 20%

Water and dust proof (IP65)


Frame Construction: Magnesium singleframe

Mounting Pattern: Standard 6-hole, 180mm truck

Click-in mechanism for the battery

Battery Pack

Range 7-10 miles

Charge Time 45min (Fast Charger), 3.5hrs (Normal Charger)

Weight 1000g

Voltage 99Wh

Certified for airtravel

Water and dust proof (IP65)

USB Port to charge other devices


Dual Regenerative Brakes

Back-Up Resistor Braking System


One button control

4 riding modes

LED display

Taptic Feedback

Rubber coated for better grip

Mellow App

Available for iOS and Android

Monitor your data charge, range, speed and distance

Switch between 4 riding modes


Drive: 6 Month Warranty 

Remote: 6 Month Warranty 

Battery: 6 Month Warranty